When you choose to offer SAVI Brachy you enter a collaborative partnership with Cianna Medical that helps ensure the best possible experience for patients, physicians and staff. You will experience the SAVI Advantage – a combination of the most sophisticated breast brachytherapy technology; comprehensive education and training; and APBI program development.

Cianna Medical’s goal is to make sure every member of your team becomes an expert SAVI user. Our comprehensive training program is designed to ensure the best possible patient, physician, and staff experience as you integrate SAVI into your practice.

Physician Training

Onsite Training

For surgeons, our clinical team will review tested surgical techniques and considerations prior to your initial SAVI implant.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Your account manager can arrange conversations with expert SAVI physicians who can address your questions or concerns.

Medical Physics Training

Early Case Support

During your initial cases, a physicist will be available for remote treatment planning assistance and review. Your account manager or clinical specialist will provide onsite support for you and your entire staff during the first several fractions.

Physics Support

To ensure you deliver the best possible treatment, Cianna Medical’s full-time physics team will remain available to answer questions or provide consultation for challenging treatment plans

Clinical Staff Training

Clinical Orientation

Nurses, therapists and technologists play a vital role in the day-to-day procedures for delivering APBI. To facilitate their expertise with SAVI, we offer a one-hour onsite orientation prior to the first case, which provides information on patient set-up, wound care, infection control and patient education.

Pre-Treatment Walk-Through

Prior to treating the first patient, a clinical specialist will visit your facility to walk through the entire SAVI treatment process, from device placement to treatment delivery to device removal.

Implementation Resources

Latest Research & News