Moving Beyond Wires – SCOUT® Wire-Free Radar Localization

The SCOUT Wire-Free Radar Localization system detects a reflector, smaller than a grain of rice, that can be placed into the target tissue at any time during the continuum of care.  The SCOUT® Reflector is completely non-radioactive and has no restrictions on the length of time it can remain in the breast.

During the surgical procedure (lumpectomy), the surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT Guide, which emits 50 million pulses per second, to lock on to the reflector’s position. The SCOUT Real-time Distance System is the only wire-free technology to offer 60mm detection range and 360° detection with ±1mm accuracy.

This more advanced level of localization precision allows better surgical planning that may improve cosmetic results, as less tissue may need to be removed.

SCOUT Reflector Instructions for Use

SCOUT Console Instructions for Use