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Surgeons offer latest breast cancer procedure

Two Sutter Health surgeons are currently performing a state-of-the-art procedure that has drastically changed the way that breast lumpectomies are performed in patients currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Indication for Use of SAVI SCOUT® Wire-Free Radar Breast Localization System Expands to Include Localization of Soft Tissue

“SCOUT resolves one of the most difficult aspects of breast cancer treatment by allowing us to accurately localize soft tissue such as axillary lymph nodes,” states Ari Brooks, surgical breast oncologist and Director of the Integrated Breast Center at Penn Medicine.  “The SCOUT reflector is very well suited for use in the lymph nodes.”

Utilization of multiple SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system reflectors in the same breast: A single-institution feasibility study

Columbia University with lead author Richard Ha, MD recently published in the Breast Journal online: Utilization of multiple SAV SCOUT surgical guidance system reflectors in the same breast: A single-institution feasibility study. The objective of the study was to determine the feasibility, safety and efficacy of bracketing large lesions and localizing multiple lesions in the same breast.

The Patient Experience: Insights on Radiation Therapy following Breast Cancer Surgery

Health systems articulate value in terms of quality and patient satisfaction, which is typically measured by factors such as caregiver communication, staff responsiveness, adequacy of pain management and acceptability of the environment.  These factors become integral parts of the experience during your patient’s breast cancer journey.1

With so much emphasis on the patient experience, we want to share new insights on women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, and outline five simple questions you can answer to keep your patients better informed about breast brachytherapy.

Radar Technology Challenging the Status Quo

Cianna Medical’s radar technology was recently featured in MED DEVICE ONLINE.   The article,  Radar Technology Is Changing the Standard of Care for Breast Tumor Localization, is authored by Charles Cox, MD, the McCann Foundation Endowed Professor of Breast Surgery at University of South Florida.

TRIUMPH-T Trial Q&A with Atif J. Khan, MD

Welcome to 2018! This is an exciting, transformative time in breast cancer treatment, with advances neoadjuvant chemotherapy, wire-free tumor localization, and more tools for post-surgical radiation. Last year the TRIUMPH-T Trial for 2-day brachytherapy, completed patient enrollment and will begin to report out interim results as early as March 2018. Trial investigator Atif J. Khan, MD provides a snapshot of this exciting trial.

Going Wire-free Together with SCOUTCare™

Do you want to implement a wire-free breast tumor localization program at your institution?  – now there’s help –  SCOUTCare is a comprehensive training, certification and communications program designed to support a facility’s mission of “moving beyond wires” through the adoption of the SCOUT® radar system for wire-free breast tumor localization.

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Radar Technology Is Changing The Standard Of Care For Breast Tumor Localization

The ideal breast tumor localization technology comprises three critical elements. Combined, these elements support the care continuum and improve the efficiency of delivering care.

Radar technology achieves the three critical elements of a breast tumor localization technology. It has a detection range of 60 mm and enables unparalleled localization precision through real-time distance measurement. Radar achieves accuracy of ±1 mm in 360 degrees around the target. Additionally, the reflectors used in radar-based systems have minimal artifact on magnetic resonance imaging scans and minimize interference with high-quality imaging technologies.


Cianna Sees Double With New FDA OK

Cianna Sees Double With New FDA OK
HEALTHCARE: Plans to expand customer support team.

“In the 20 months this technology has been available it has been adopted by over 170 medical centers across the U.S.”

ABS Consensus Statement Q&A

The American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) published an update to the Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) consensus statement as an update to the 2013 consensus statement.  The paper was authored by ten members of ABS with extensive experience in breast cancer…

SAVI Brachytherapy Revolutionizes Breast Cancer Surgery

[Dr.] Peterson says [SAVI] revolutionizes the way women look at themselves after battling breast cancer. “The disfiguring surgeries that most people associate breast cancer treatment with, that isn’t true anymore.”

And for McElroy, it gives her hope for the future — a future that’s cancer free. “I feel very blessed and everything has gone really well and I’m going to start working again so that’s a joy,” McElroy said.

Interview: Next Generation SCOUT® with Real Time Distance Measurement

Dr. Alice Police was the first surgeon in the country to adopt SCOUT in late 2015, at UC Irvine Medical Center, in Orange County, CA.  Dr. Police recently completed validation of the next generation SCOUT that will measure and display distance in millimeters and she shares her perspectives on the most advanced breast localizing system in the industry.

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21st Century Approaches for Advancing Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer remains a common disease with a high burden on patients, families and the health care system. One in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime, and the American Cancer Society estimates that doctors will identify more than 300,000 new cases this year alone.

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New Technology at Southcoast Assists in Breast Lump Removal

FALL RIVER — New technology is making it easier for surgeons to locate and remove lumps in the breast, saving the patient time, aggravation and most importantly: breast tissue. Dr. Maureen Chung, medical director of the Southcoast Health Breast Care Program, has brought the new technology — a tiny reflector implanted in the breast — to Southcoast.

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New Data Demonstrate Cianna Medical’s SAVI SCOUT® Equivalence to Radio Seed Localization for Non-Palpable Breast Lesions

Cianna Medical, Inc. today announced new data demonstrating the proprietary SCOUT® radar localization system is clinically equivalent to radio seed localization (RSL) for surgical targeting of non-palpable breast lesions. The results were presented at the 2017 SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium, taking place in Los Angeles from April 6-9.

The retrospective study evaluated 119 patients who underwent breast conserving therapy using SCOUT radar localization (n=59) or RSL (n=60), a technique that utilizes a radioactive seed to target tumors. In all cases, the average volume of resection and repeat surgery rates were equal and markers were successfully removed.

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New device 'game changer' in breast lump removal

Five months ago, with her last procedure, Carroll’s doctor tried something new.  It’s called SAVI SCOUT. USF health’s Dr. Cox was not only the first to use this device in a patient, he helped develop it. “It’s a game changer. It could affect the lives of literally millions of women,” Dr. Cox smiles. Instead of bulky wires that stick out of the breast, SAVI SCOUT requires a tiny incision, under local anesthesia. Then the rice grain sized reflector is basically injected into the breast through a large 14 gauge needle. The procedure takes only about 10 minutes.


How new technology aids breast localization procedures

The new technology is giving more scheduling flexibility, improved surgical experiences, and improved outcomes at a time when an increasing number of women have to have breast localization procedures. Some reports say the number of these procedures performed every year could double by the year 2020. “If that is true the advantages of this new technology will be invaluable,” says Porretta.

Northwell Fields New Breast-Surgery Tracker

Ellen Gallin-Procida, a patient of Kostroff’s for the last five years, underwent three breast-conserving surgeries using the wire localization technique. She was one of the first patients at Northwell’s Cancer Institute to experience the wireless, radar system during a breast biopsy.

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Innovative Breast Conserving Therapy Technologies

“Ultimately, it’s the company’s service promise that distinguishes a great company. Cianna Medical has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service to all its stakeholders – patients, physicians, allied health professionals and hospital administrators. At Cianna Medical we follow a “Code of Honor” that begins with Patients First – Always. Adhering to a patient focused philosophy gives the entire organization the freedom to make good choices in all that we do – from developing new technologies to offering patient and family support during procedures.” – Jill Anderson

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5 Things Women Should Know About Brachytherapy

Breast brachytherapy is a form of acceler­ated partial breast irradiation (APBI), which delivers a dose of radiation from within the breast. The benefits of this targeted approach to radia­tion delivery include reduced radia­tion exposure to healthy tissue, bet­ter cosmetic results, and fewer side effects. Additionally, brachytherapy will allow for more treatment op­tions in the event of a future recur­rence or new primary cancer.

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Breast Cancer Surgery Goes Wireless

Cianna Medical Inc. has received FDA approval for a surgical guidance system called SAVI SCOUT, and it may help reduce the number of repeat procedures required for breast cancer patients, while also improving the patient experience.

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New Methods Explored to Localize Nonpalpable Breast Lesions

“Currently, the most widely used method of wire-guided localization (WGL) is seriously limited by the need for same-day wire placement and excision, and it also faces other technical challenges resulting in a re-excision rates as high as 50%,” said Dr Ahmed. “So clearly there’s a need to try and develop an alternative technique.”

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Cianna Medical’s SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance System gets FDA Clearance

“The SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system has a high degree of utility and we believe the system will enable us to improve care for our breast conservation surgery patients,” said Charles E. Cox, M.D., “I found the system to be highly intuitive and expect that we will see fairly rapid uptake of the SAVI SCOUT in breast centers across the country.”

Compassion + Technology: Moving Beyond Wires

In seeking a more compassionate and precise approach to breast tumor localization, Cianna Medical developed micro impulse radar for use in human tissue.

SCOUT radar localization is a highly sophisticated technology capable of delivering unparalleled performance.

Precise and Efficient

  • Intelligent (will only detect a unique radar signal)
  • Resolution within 1 mm
  • Highly directional
  • Ultrasound visible
  • Minimal MRI artifact
  • No signal interference from other surgical instruments

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