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New technology makes lumpectomies more precise

Dr. Leslie Montgomery, chief of the Division of Breast Surgery at Hackensack, said: “This technology has the potential to reduce any surgical delays, improve the patient experience, optimize our surgical planning and conserve breast tissue for the patient.”

: A Woman's Health

5 Things Women Should Know About Brachytherapy

Breast brachytherapy is a form of acceler­ated partial breast irradiation (APBI), which delivers a dose of radiation from within the breast. The benefits of this targeted approach to radia­tion delivery include reduced radia­tion exposure to healthy tissue, bet­ter cosmetic results, and fewer side effects. Additionally, brachytherapy will allow for more treatment op­tions in the event of a future recur­rence or new primary cancer.

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Breast Cancer Surgery Goes Wireless

Cianna Medical Inc. has received FDA approval for a surgical guidance system called SAVI SCOUT, and it may help reduce the number of repeat procedures required for breast cancer patients, while also improving the patient experience.

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New Methods Explored to Localize Nonpalpable Breast Lesions

“Currently, the most widely used method of wire-guided localization (WGL) is seriously limited by the need for same-day wire placement and excision, and it also faces other technical challenges resulting in a re-excision rates as high as 50%,” said Dr Ahmed. “So clearly there’s a need to try and develop an alternative technique.”

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Cianna Medical’s SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance System gets FDA Clearance

“The SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system has a high degree of utility and we believe the system will enable us to improve care for our breast conservation surgery patients,” said Charles E. Cox, M.D., “I found the system to be highly intuitive and expect that we will see fairly rapid uptake of the SAVI SCOUT in breast centers across the country.”

: Fierce Biotech

Startup Gains FDA Clearance for Breast Surgery Guidance System

Cianna Medical has received clearance from the FDA for its SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system. The startup already brought in $10 million in debt from GE Capital earlier this year earmarked to finance a rollout of the product, with a launch expected during the second quarter of 2015.

: Health Care Business Daily News

Comparing Catheters for Early Stage Breast Brachytherapy

Dr. Robert Long, from the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, presented a study at ASTRO this year that analyzed the different methods for performing brachytherapy in an effort to discern advantages and disadvantages. He suspects that overall, brachytherapy is an underutilized option.

: Huffington Post

National Women's Health Week: Breast Cancer Treatment - Mastectomy Is Not the Only Answer

Each day in my office, I see the sheer panic on the faces of women diagnosed with breast cancer. The statistics are astounding. According to the American Breast Cancer Society, the chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer during her life is about one in eight. A growing number of the women I meet think mastectomy is their only option in the face of a diagnosis. But often it’s not.

: Huffington Post

Rethink Pink: From Awareness to Knowledge

It’s October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons are everywhere, as are ads for all things pink — from lipsticks to appliances — that will help raise money for breast cancer research. As a radiation oncologist who treats women with breast cancer, I am grateful for the heightened awareness about breast cancer and how to screen for it. Early detection has led to many women being diagnosed earlier, when the options for treatment are greater.

But this October, I’m asking women to take it up a notch. Let’s go from “awareness” to “knowledge.”

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APBI: The Paradigm Shift in Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

A potential paradigm shift is gathering momentum in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer, driven by data showing strong clinical outcomes for the use of more sophisticated therapies. Newer therapies using accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI, also referred to as breast brachytherapy) not only allow women to remain whole, they also offer properly selected patients several advantages over traditional whole breast irradiation (WBI).

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When Misinformation Metastasizes

Misinformation can be dangerous for patients and the general public. Studies with sensationalized headlines extracted from biased data analyses that draw conclusions slanted toward a particular viewpoint can not only lead newly diagnosed cancer patients down a false path but also harm landmark clinical trials that reveal the essence of critical scientific issues.

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Study Reports APBI is Effective for Treating DCIS

Accelerated partial-breast irradiation (APBI) brachytherapy appears to be an effective treatment for patients diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), according to a study presented at the American Society of Breast Surgeons annual meeting held in Phoenix last week.

: LA Times

The New War on Cancer

Emerging treatments and technology provide hope for thousands of patients. It used to be that the cancer doctor’s toolbox contained three essential tools — a scalpel to cut out the disease, chemo to poison it and radiation to zap it.

But today that toolbox is bulging with new and better weapons.

: Diagnostic Imaging

Implant Facilitates Breast Radiation Therapy

A new breast implant allows more patients to safely receive accelerated partial-breast irradiation than balloon brachytherapy or 3D conformal radiation, a study finds. The Strut Adjusted Volume Implant (SAVI) enables maximized dose to the target tissue and minimized dose to normal tissue.

: ITN Online

Doubt Cast Over Radiation Safety

Exposing patients to radiation for diagnostic imaging or radiation therapy is standard medical practice.

However, recent medical events, in which excessive radiation doses were delivered during CT examinations and radiation therapy treatments, have cast a shadow of doubt over the safety of radiation in medicine.

: OC Register

O.C. Companies Target Breast Cancer

Orange County long has been a center for the medical device industry.

Edwards Lifesciences Corp. in Irvine, for instance, built its reputation on making stents and other devices to treat heart disease. Santa Ana-based Abbott Medical Optics Inc.(formerly Advanced Medical Optics) makes laser surgery equipment and other eye treatments while Fullerton’s Beckman-Coulter Inc.specializes in highly technical biomedical instruments.

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SAVI Studies Show Positive Results

A pair of studies examining utilization of Cianna Medical’s SAVI breast brachytherapy device has reported positive clinical experiences, according to the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based firm.

KTLA News: UC Irvine, CA


Dr. Alice Police discussed newest technology on targeting and locating breast cancer tumors.

The Doctors Discuss SAVI

: The Doctors

“Dr. Kristi Funk of the Pink Lotus Breast Center tells The Doctors about SAVI, her “favorite new technology in breast cancer care.”

Compassion + Technology: Moving Beyond Wires

In seeking a more compassionate and precise approach to breast tumor localization, Cianna Medical developed micro impulse radar for use in human tissue.

SCOUT radar localization is a highly sophisticated technology capable of delivering unparalleled performance.

Precise and Efficient

  • Intelligent (will only detect a unique radar signal)
  • Resolution within 1 mm
  • Highly directional
  • Ultrasound visible
  • Minimal MRI artifact
  • No signal interference from other surgical instruments

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