See What People are Saying about SCOUT® Breast Tumor Localization

Patient Testimonials

“I was frightened that the tumor localization might hurt because I’d be awake, but it didn’t. The needle was much smaller and easier than the one used for my biopsy. The placement was very quick and pain-free, and I didn’t even feel anything afterwards either.”

Beverly K.


“You’re already under stress and frightened getting a breast biopsy and it’s uncomfortable to sit for a long time with a wire sticking out of your breast even though it’s covered in gauze. For my recent biopsy, I was checked in for surgery with the reflector having already been inserted days earlier. I had a lot less anxiety and discomfort before surgery without a wire sticking out of me.”

Ellen P.


“I’m a big fan of SAVI SCOUT! That little reflector is a miracle! With SCOUT®, my doctor was able to pinpoint the tumor and check for margins immediately.”

Rochelle C.


Physician Testimonials

“Breast cancer surgery or biopsy can be physically and emotionally distressing for women. SCOUT resolves one of the most difficult aspects of breast conservation surgery by eliminating the need to place a wire inside the breast tissue to locate a tumor.”

Karen Kostroff, MD

Chief of Breast Surgery, Northwell Health

“As an early adopter and ongoing user of SCOUT, I’ve found the technology to be highly intuitive, easy to implement and a significant improvement over wire localization in terms of patient experience. Importantly, use of SCOUT also supports greater efficiency in the hospital with less wait time for both patients and physicians.”

Charles Cox, MD

Professor of Surgery and McCann Foundation Endowed Professor of Breast Surgery, University of South Florida College of Medicine

“With SCOUT, we are able to separate the radiology schedule from the OR schedule. We marry the radiology schedule to the patients’ convenience.”

Mary Hayes, MD

Chief of Women's Imaging, Memorial Healthcare System

“I find SCOUT to be more precise guidance due to the immediate, real-time feedback on the target location as the dissection proceeds.”

Pat Whitworth, MD

Director of the Nashville Breast Center

Compassion + Technology: Moving Beyond Wires

In seeking a more compassionate and precise approach to breast tumor localization, Cianna Medical developed micro impulse radar for use in human tissue. SCOUT Radar Localization is a highly sophisticated technology capable of delivering unparalleled performance.

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