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Breast Cancer Treatment

Patient Video Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“As a teacher, I was looking for radiation treatment that was safe and effective with as little down time as possible. It was important for me to go with a treatment that would minimize exposure to healthy tissue and allow me to get back to my active lifestyle. The SAVI® applicator was the perfect choice for me. In just seven days, my treatment was complete and the only side effect I experienced was mild fatigue. The following week after my treatment, I completed a six hour hike up a mountain peak with an elevation of 10,800.”

Melissa B.

Warner Springs, CA

Physician Video Testimonials

Physician Testimonials

“From a physician’s point of view, SAVI gives us a higher chance of having a successful implant without having to remove the device. There’s a higher probability that we will be able to construct the radiation dose so that it will conform to the lumpectomy cavity of more patients. We’re able to reduce the dose delivered to nearby normal tissue more than with whole breast treatment. The amount of radiated lung, chest wall, heart, and breast tissue is a lot less, and we expect that to reduce the risk of side effects”

John Schallenkamp, M.D.

Billings Clinic, Billings, MT

“Patients want a shorter treatment with fewer side effects, and SAVI makes that possible. Since there is so much more flexibility in our treatment parameters, we haven’t seen a patient who is a candidate for APBI that couldn’t be treated with SAVI. It’s very upsetting to patients when we have to pull single catheter devices due to dosimetric problems. There’s just no reason to use a single catheter device anymore.”

Niti Dube, M.D.

Advanced Radiation Centers of New York, Lake Success, NY

“Our facilities are committed to delivering state-of-of-the art radiation therapy. The SAVI applicator’s ability to precisely direct radiation therapy is a major improvement over any other breast brachytherapy device, and expands the number of women who can benefit from APBI.”

Shawn Zimberg, M.D.

Advanced Radiation Centers of New York, Lake Success, NY

“Earlier devices are really one-size-fits-all. With SAVI, we can dramatically tailor the radiation for individual patients, which allows more women to choose partial breast radiation. This saves them time, reduces complications, preserves healthy breast tissue and offers better cosmetic outcomes than traditional therapy.”

William Kokal, M.D.

Suncoast Surgical Associates, Fort Myers, FL

Compassion + Technology: Moving Beyond Wires

In seeking a more compassionate and precise approach to breast tumor localization, Cianna Medical developed micro impulse radar for use in human tissue.

SCOUT radar localization is a highly sophisticated technology capable of delivering unparalleled performance.

Precise and Efficient

  • Intelligent (will only detect a unique radar signal)
  • Resolution within 1 mm
  • Highly directional
  • Ultrasound visible
  • Minimal MRI artifact
  • No signal interference from other surgical instruments

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