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Pilot Study Data Presented and New Study Underway 



The data, which included 50 patients, demonstrated 100% surgical success using SCOUT. In all cases (n=50/50) targeted lesions and reflectors were successfully removed. 41 patients underwent lumpectomy and 9 patients underwent excisional biopsy. Final pathology reports showed a 7% re-excision rate leaving 93% of lumpectomy patients (n=38/41) with clear margins. 3 patients were recommended for re-excision, comparable to reported rates for radioactive seed localization (RSL) and intraoperative ultrasound (IOUS). During the study, no reflector migration occurred.

Following the study, participating surgeons rated ease of lesion localization and removal with SCOUT on a scale of 1-10 where a score of 5 was equivalent to wire location (WL), less than 5 was worse than WL and greater than 5 was better than WL. SCOUT was rated a 9.2 and 9.4 respectively.

Eight additional sites have committed to participating in a second study called the “SAVI SCOUT Clinical Evaluation Study,” which will enroll 150 patients. Participating centers include:

Speaking out on her excitement about the technology is Freya R. Schnabel, MD, FACS, Director of Breast Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center:


“I believe SAVI SCOUT will allow us to safely and effectively refine the process of breast conservation surgery while increasing patient satisfaction. We’re seeing breast surgery come into the modern era using new, better technology. This refined technology allows us to localize lesions in a really direct way with feedback to the surgeon in the operating room. It also relieves the scheduling burden and allows operating rooms to schedule lumpectomy or excisional biopsy procedures early in the morning. This flexibility may improve OR efficiency and allow for significant cost savings while enhancing the ability to accurately pinpoint non-palpable breast lesions and direct our surgery accordingly.”


SAVI SCOUT Breakfast Symposium Breaks the ASBrS Record for Attendance


As part of the ASBrS Annual Meeting in May, Charles E. Cox, MD, FACS, McCann Foundation Endowed Professor of Breast Surgery at USF College of Medicine, and Principle Investigator of the SAVI SCOUT Clinical Evaluation Study, presented his clinical experience with the technology at a symposium entitled “Moving Beyond Wires: A Non-Radioactive Solution for Tumor Localization.” The symposium broke the previously held ASBrS record of 130 physicians in attendance at a non-CME event. At Dr. Cox’s talk, there were….


physicians registered and in attendance!

“We are extremely encouraged by the clinical efficacy observed with SAVI SCOUT to date and are excited by the enthusiasm within the medical community to adopt this potentially transformative breast tumor localization technology into widespread clinical practice.” – Dr. Cox

Hear Dr. Cox and his perspective on SAVI SCOUT

How Does SCOUT Work?
SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system uses non-radioactive, electromagnetic wave technology to provide real-time surgical guidance during breast surgery. The system consists of an electromagnetic wave device (reflector), handpiece and console. The surgeon uses the handpiece to detect the location of the implanted reflector. The console provides real-time audible and visual indicators of the proximity of the reflector, giving surgeons a precise way to target tissue for removal.
SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance System



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