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Use of Post-Lumpectomy Radiation in Older Patients
ASBD Study Demonstrates Low Toxicity Rates with SAVI
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April 2012

Use of Post-Lumpectomy Radiation in Older Patients

John K. Hayes, Jr., MD 

While some research indicates women over 70 with early-stage breast cancer receive limited benefits from post-lumpectomy radiation, other studies demonstrate benefits for all patients, suggesting that radiation is an integral part of breast conservation therapy for women of all ages.

Radiation oncologist John Hayes, Jr., MS, MD, shares his views on the topic, including why the reduced risk of recurrence is clinically significant in this subgroup of patients, particularly as more targeted forms of treatment reduce the complications and inconvenience associated with radiation therapy. Read more

Multi-Site Study at ASBD Demonstrates Low Toxicity Rates with SAVI 

New research findings on the SAVI® breast brachytherapy applicator showed favorable results for treatment of early-stage breast cancer, according to a scientific poster at the annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Disease. View poster

Examining initial and longer-term effects among a group of 909 patients at 12 centers around the U.S., researchers found low rates of toxicities – including seroma, fat necrosis and telangiectasia – among SAVI patients. Read more

Lead researcher Jon Strasser, MD (Christiana Care Health System, Newark, Del.) discusses SAVI research presented at ASBD
Lead researcher Jon Strasser, MD (Christiana Care Health System, Newark, Del.) discusses SAVI research presented at ASBD.

A separate set of data on SAVI , also reported at the ASBD conference, came from Ben H. Han, M.D., and colleagues at South Florida Radiation Oncology, in Wellington, Fla. View poster

They reported on 75 SAVI patients and concluded that with SAVI’s ability to carefully control radiation dosages, the therapy allows for APBI treatment of more women, even when the treated area is close to healthy tissues. Read more

2012 ASBS Pre-Meeting Courses
If you’re attending the 2012 American Society of Breast Surgeons annual meeting in Phoenix next week, don’t miss out on the outstanding offering of pre-meeting courses and workshops prior to the general session, including:

Intensive Breast Ultrasound: A Histopathologic-based Approach to Detection and Diagnosis

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Course Director: A. Thomas Stavros, MD

Description: Thomas Stavros, MD, author of Breast Ultrasound, presents standard and emerging breast imaging techniques for clinicians to provide their patients with both early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Session includes a hands-on workshop, during which attendees will work at their own pace under mentoring by the faculty. Learn more

Limited space available. Onsite registration only. For questions, contact or (410) 992-5470.