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April 2008

Award Winning SAVI Research

Research conducted by 21st Century Oncology shows the SAVI applicator’s superior dose control resulted in low rates of toxicity. The poster was presented at the 25th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, where it was named one of the top three abstracts. View the award-winning poster below. Also, would you like to offer APBI to more of your patients? In the case review below, Arizona Oncology Services treats a patient who was ineligible for balloon brachytherapy due to minimal skin separation.

Award Winning Study Finds

Low Toxicity with SAVI

Research presented at the 2008 Miami Breast Cancer Conference found that the SAVI applicator’s superior dose control resulted in a low rate of toxicities, especially skin reactions. Other findings include:

  • 10 of the 18 patients in the study would have been ineligible for balloon brachytherapy due to skin spacing issues
  • Overall cosmesis was rated as excellent in nine out of 10 patients at three months
  • Desquamation, fibrosis, atrophy or telangectasia was not observed in any patient at any time

The poster presentation was selected as one of the top three abstracts at the conference. Research was headed by Constantine Mantz, M.D. of 21st Century Oncology.

Click here to view the poster
Treat Women with Minimal Skin Separation

We continue to make great progress as we gain clinical experience with the SAVI applicator.  A case presented by Coral Quiet, M.D. of Arizona Oncology Services, demonstrates how SAVI allows physicians to treat patients who otherwise would not be candidates for balloon brachytherapy.

Click here for the Case Review
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Is your center interested in learning more about SAVI? Cianna Medical’s website makes it easy for you and your patients to learn about SAVI. The website features information about SAVI, including case reviews from notable procedures and reprints of recently presented peer-reviewed posters. For your patients, the website includes information about breast conservation therapy with SAVI, as well as links to breast cancer treatment options.