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February 2014  

The Link Between Cardiac Toxicity & Radiation Therapy 
Eugene Chung, MD    

In 2013, a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine renewed concerns over the exposure of the heart to radiation during treatment of breast cancer. While the benefits of radiation therapy outweigh the toxicity risks in the majority of patients, the data show a clear relationship between radiation dose and cardiac events, and therefore should be an essential part of the conversation with patients on cardiac risk after radiation therapy.

Radiation oncologist Eugene Chung, MD, of the University of Southern California Norris Cancer Center, discusses the current data on cardiac toxicity following radiation therapy for breast cancer, as well as how newer technologies, like brachytherapy, allow physicians to minimize cardiac dose. Read more

New Guidelines on Margins for Breast Conserving Surgery

When it comes to breast cancer surgery, the definition of an adequate margin has been a significant controversy – but now the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) and the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) are hoping to settle that controversy once and for all.

The organizations released comprehensive consensus guidelines detailing the ideal margin width to reduce the risk of local recurrence, as well as outlining an evidence-based surgical path with the goal of eliminating unnecessary surgeries.

According to the SSO, the goal in issuing the guidelines is also to “give patients the confidence to select of lumpectomy in lieu of a mastectomy where medically viable.”

Read full consensus statement from Annals of Surgical Oncology

Hospital Gets “SAVI” About Marketing

Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, Ohio – a SAVI Center of Excellence – is promoting its use of SAVI breast brachytherapy in a big way. In addition to their billboard, the hospital’s website provides a wealth of information for patients, including images, animation and frequently asked questions about SAVI.

How are you promoting SAVI at your facility?

Email us a picture and you could be featured in the next issue of BrachyBytes!

Becoming a SAVI Center of Excellence gives you access to a number of tools to help grow your breast brachytherapy program – learn more here or contact