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Cara Hahs, M.D.

Patricia Hardenbergh, M.D.

Robert Kuske, M.D.

Gail Lebovic, M.D.

Coral Quiet, M.D.

John Sweet, M.S.

Vic Zannis, M.D.


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2007 Breast Cancer Symposium

San Francisco, CA

September 7-8, 2007

Harvard Medical School Brachytherapy Review

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October 5-6, 2007




American College of Surgeons

New Orleans, LA
October 7-11, 2007



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Oct 27-Nov 1, 2007






Goodbye, BioLucent. Hello, Cianna Medical.

Also, are you discussing APBI options with your patients?  In the interview below, a radiation oncologist emphasizes the importance of offering a Plan B at your practice.



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Say Hello to

Cianna Medical!

As we announced in June, Hologic, Inc. will acquire BioLucent, Inc. and its MammoPad®business. Separately, BioLucent will spin-off its breast brachytherapy business into a new company called Cianna Medical, Inc. The creation of Cianna will be concurrent with the close of the Hologic transaction, which is expected to occur in September 2007.

By retaining SAVI™and creating Cianna Medical, we believe this is the best way to meet our customers’ needs, to help them serve their patients — and to realize the full potential of SAVI and next generation technology.

SAVI Update


We continue to make great progress as we gain clinical experience with the SAVI applicator. Currently, over 70 patients have received treatment with SAVI. Also, clinical data for SAVI will be revealed in several presentations at upcoming conferences this fall.


Visit in September for more information



The Best Option is Multiple Options


An Interview with

Coral Quiet, M.D.


Coral Quiet, M.D. describes the art of managing patient expectations and the importance of mastering multiple APBI techniques, the only way a radiation oncologist can offer a “Plan B” treatment for patients.

Read the Interview 



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