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Time is money: Improving the cost and efficiency of breast cancer care using radar localization
The SCOUT Radar Localization system and its positive effect on OR efficiency was recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review, a leading publication for hospital business news.  The article, authored by Mary Hayes, MD, chief of Women’s Imaging, Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, FL  Time is money: improving the cost and efficiency of breast cancer care using radar localization highlights the following:

Need for improved efficiencies
In response to the growing national debate about the need for outcomes-based healthcare, hospitals and physicians strive to improve patient comfort, safety and outcomes while reducing cost through improved efficiencies and evidence-based treatment decisions.   Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL responded to this national trend with the implementation of wire-free, radar breast localization with SCOUT.

Reducing OR delays saves ~ $2000 per case
In a recent study at Memorial Health System, SCOUT significantly reduced average OR start time delays and improves workflow compared with wire localization  (average OR start delay was 40 minutes for wire and 11 minutes for SCOUT, 95%CI P < .001). The 29-minute difference was statistically significant (95%CI P < .001) and reflects a 72.5 percent decrease in delay time at this hospital. While OR costs may vary by geography, it is estimated that this 29-minute reduction of unproductive OR waiting time seen with SCOUT could result in savings of nearly $2,000 per procedure.

 Patient benefits from improved efficiencies
Reducing delays in OR start times may also have benefits beyond per-procedure cost savings. These include decreasing the stress and anxiety that patients and their families experience in conjunction with surgery and enabling more efficient use of existing personnel and infrastructure resources and amortization of overhead fixed costs.

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