Repeat BCT vs. Salvage Mastecomy: What the Data Says

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July/August 2013 

Repeat Breast Conservation Therapy with APBI 
Chirag Shah, MD   Chirag Shah, MD

While salvage mastectomy remains the standard of care for addressing a subsequent breast cancer, repeat breast conservation therapy (BCT) with APBI is increasingly seen as a viable option for women who wish to preserve their breast.

Available data is limited yet promising, demonstrating excellent local control and low rates of toxicities, and a forthcoming Phase II trial will provide important prospective data regarding re-irradiation with APBI.

Radiation oncologist Chirag Shah, MD, reviews the current data and discusses his experience with re-irradiation, including how SAVI may enable more women to choose repeat BCT. Read more

Literature Review: Repeat BCT with APBI

Although data regarding repeat BCT with APBI is limited, studies further validating the concept continue to accumulate, including:

Hannoun-Levi JM, et al.

Radiother Oncol (2013)

Shah C, et al.

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Ishitobi M, et al.

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Adkison JB, Kuske RR, Patel RR.

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Physician Payments Sunshine Act and You

As of August 1, 2013, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires drug and device manufacturers to report payments or transfers of value made to physicians or teaching hospitals to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

For more information about the law – including timelines, reporting requirements, and how you can work with manufacturers to promote ethical collaboration – check out the following resources:

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