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Oct. 12-15, 2008
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Dec. 10-14, 2008
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  New Published Data on SAVI

Posters presented at the 2008 Breast Cancer Symposium and the 50th annual ASTRO meeting reported extremely positive experiences with the SAVI applicator. 


In the largest clinical evaluation of SAVI to date, a review of the first 102 patients demonstrated excellent results, including:

  • “Outstanding” dosimetry
  • Minimal toxicity to healthy tissue
  • Low seroma and infection rates

Presented by:

Arizona Oncology Services

University of California, San Diego

An evaluation of 12 SAVI patients with less than 7mm cavity-to-skin distance found that the device still resulted in excellent dosimetry and minimized dose to healthy tissue – something no other single entry device has demonstrated with such minimal skin spacing.

Read 2008 ASTRO Poster

Presented by:

21st Century Oncology

Suncoast Surgical Associates
Florida Gynecologic Oncology



Cianna Medical Debuts New ‘Mini’ SAVI21st Century

Cianna Medical debuted the SAVI 6-1Mini, the newest version of the SAVI applicator, at the 50th annual ASTRO meeting.

Now in clinical use, the new device is the smallest version of SAVI in both length and width. It is designed for use in the smallest of lumpectomy cavities, which physicians hope will extend the benefits of APBI to even more women.

Read about the first facility to use the SAVI 6-1Mini



New Physician Education Programs

We are proud to announce the addition of two presentations to our Physician Education Programs:

Radiation Oncology Training for the SAVI Applicator
James Stubbs, Ph.D.
Dr. Stubbs provides a comprehensive overview of the SAVI procedure for radiation oncologists. Topics covered include: CT evaluation, anatomy contouring, PTV definition, dose optimization and plan evaluation.

Contouring for the SAVI Applicator
Catheryn Yashar, M.D.
Dr. Yashar discusses considerations and techniques for contouring of the PTV and critical structures for SAVI applicator implants. Topics include: pre-placement evaluation, review of imaging studies and operative notes, and evaluation of seroma and tissue invagination.
Physician Education Programs

Whether your center is already using

SAVI, or you’re simply interested in learning more about the device,

these training programs provide insightful case reviews, as well as

helpful surgical techniques and physics training.

To access the Physician Education Programs, go to About SAVI. Click Physician Education Programs Events page,
then select View Event Recordings.