April 2018 | Issue 19 Newsletter Archive

Clinical Update: Multiple SCOUT Reflectors for Bracketing

Columbia University with lead author Richard Ha, MD recently published in the Breast Journal online: Utilization of multiple SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system reflectors in the same breast: A single-institution feasibility study.

The objective of the study was to determine the feasibility, safety and efficacy of bracketing large lesions and localizing multiple lesions in the same breast. Of the 42 patients enrolled in the study, 19 had large lesions that were bracketed, and 23 had multiple, separate lesions.

The Key Findings:

  • Average distance between reflectors was 42mm with minimum distance being 22mm
  • All reflectors successfully removed in specimen with SCOUT system guidance
  • Re-excision rate for malignant lesions was 10.3%
  • Multiple reflector localization may be more beneficial in oncoplastic procedures due to reorientation of large amounts of tissue


The authors concluded that the use of SCOUT for localizing non-palpable breast lesions in cases necessitating bracketing or excision of multiple lesions is safe. In addition, placing multiple reflectors in a single breast does not result in interference even when placed 22mm apart.

Read the Full Study on
Use of Multiple SAVI SCOUT Reflectors

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