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March 2014  

Money Talks:
2014 Reimbursement Changes 

Kathy Francisco, The Pinnacle Health Group &
Mark Gittlemen, MD

Medicare regulations and policies change annually. In 2014, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued several changes impacting reimbursement for procedures related to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. In particular, the changes signal a growing shift towards bundled payments – packaging multiple components of a procedure into a single CPT code – that will affect overall reimbursement to healthcare providers.

Kathy Francisco of The Pinnacle Health Group, one of the nation’s leading reimbursement consulting groups, and breast surgeon Mark Gittleman, MD, discuss these changes and the impact they have on hospitals, individual practitioners and – most importantly – patients. Read more

2014 SAVI Coding & Coverage Guide
2013 SAVI Coding & Coverage Guide

Attention SAVI users! Make sure you have the latest reimbursement information for the SAVI applicator. Download the 2014 SAVI Coding & Coverage Guide.

For questions about billing and reimbursement with SAVI, contact The Pinnacle Health Group at


New SAVI Data: Low Recurrence Rates for Younger Patients with Invasive Histology

A new study reports favorably low recurrence rates – even for younger women – as part of a retrospective analysis of 673 patients with invasive breast cancer treated with the SAVI breast brachytherapy applicator.

Patient Age (yrs)
IBTR (N / %)
9 / 1.34%


5 / 1.05%

≥50 to <60

3 / 2.1%


1 / 1.85%

The poster was named Best Surgical Oncology Poster at the 2014 Miami Breast Cancer Conference.  View poster

“…Many patient selection guidelines use age as a risk differentiator for this type of breast cancer,” says lead author, Ben Han, MD, of South Florida Radiation Oncology. “With favorably low recurrence rates and more than two years of follow up in all age groups, our study supports the consideration of invasive-histology patients younger than 60, or even 50, as viable candidates for brachytherapy-based APBI.