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Making the Most of your Educational Resources: How to use BEST Forum
SAVI Posters at BC3
BEST Forum Symposium Videos from BC3
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Deanna Attai, M.D.
Robert Kuske, M.D.

Jay Reiff, Ph.D.
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Catheryn Yashar, M.D.
Vic Zannis, M.D.
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July/August 2012

Making the Most of Your Educational Resources: BEST Forum

How to use BEST  Forum.


Whether it is a radiation oncologist, surgeon, or primary care physician

the one thing they can agree upon

is the ultimate focus of providing the best possible care for their patients. One way to insure this is by remaining current on the latest techniques, innovations and data. This can be an enormous challenge when faced with all of the demands associated with being in medical practice and providing patient care. Medical society conferences, journals, industry resources and colleagues are all valuable resources for this information but sifting through the volume of what is available can often be a costly use of time. The acquisition of new information, and the associated time involved are considerable challenges; are physicians making the most of the information and the time spent accruing it?

While the Best Forum website is a valuable resource for current information its usefulness goes beyond that. The available white papers and slides are suitable for use in grand rounds and tumor board settings. Read More

Be sure to check out Volume 1: Practical Application of Patient Selection Criteria with Robert Kuske, MD, FAACE. Coming in September, Volume 2: Lower Toxicities with Strut-Based Brachytherapy: 4 Year Results with Dr. Catheryn Yashar, MD. 



SAVI Posters at BC3   

 SAVI Collaborative Research Group


Physicians from the SAVI Collaborative Research Group presented data on two topics demonstrating favorable results

with strut-based brachytherapy at BC3 last month.

The first poster presented focused on the results of 267 DCIS patients treated with APBI using strut-based brachytherapy. The study concluded that APBI delivered with a strut-based device provides excellent local control for patients with DCIS. Furthermore, excellent dosimetry was achieved resulting in low toxicity rates. Read More

The second poster presented was an update of four-year data on the SAVI applicator with 70 patients. The poster concluded that strut-based brachytherapy is a well-tolerated and effective treatment for early-stage breast cancer, resulting in favorably low recurrence rates and minimal acute and late toxicities. The poster also points out that strut-based brachytherapy allows more women to have the choice of APBI.  Read More

BEST Forum Symposium Videos from BC3



Last month at BC3, a  BEST Forum

Symposium examining the latest in

breast brachytherapy data was held.

If you weren’t among the attendees,

you can still access the education session online for free!

To view the presentation, Emerging Strut-based Brachytherapy Data and How It Impacts Your Patient, click here

The video features talks from two leading breast surgeons on both clinical and patient education topics related to breast brachytherapy.

Strut-based Brachytherapy: Data Update, Patient Selection and Surgical Technique

Richard Fine, MD

Discussing APBI with Your Patients Utilizing the Latest Brachytherapy Data

Deanna Attai, MD


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