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Lower Toxicities with Strut-based Brachytherapy: New 4 Year Results. Best Forum, Volume 2:
A Team Approach: The Role of Medical Oncologists in Multidiciplinary Breast Cancer Care
Multi-Site Study at Breast Cancer Symposium Demonstrates Low Toxicity with SAVI
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September 2012

Lower Toxicities with Strut-based Brachytherapy: New 4 Year Results

BEST Forum, Volume 2  BEST Forum

Catheryn Yashar, MD, a radiation oncologist at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, Calif., provides an in-depth analysis on published data from the SAVI Collaborative Research Group, including  just released 4 year data on acute and late toxicity, local recurrence rates and how strut-based brachytherapy can expand patient eligibility for APBI.

The published data has been presented at several medical conferences in 2012, including the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO), the American Society of Breast Disease (ASBD), and the Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference (BC3).

BEST Forum is a new educational resource for physicians to obtain the latest findings and research in breast brachytherapy and gain insights into best practices and available technology. Be sure to check out Volume 1: Practical Application of Patient Selection Criteria with Robert Kuske, MD, FAACE.

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A Team Approach : The Role of Medical Oncologists in Multidiciplinary Breast Cancer Care
Michael R. Kinney, M.D.

Breast cancer treatment involves a number of different specialties, and evidence is mounting that a multidisciplinary approach to care – in which physicians work together to consider appropriate options and develop an individual treatment plan for each patient – can have significant benefits for both patients and medical professionals. Michael Kinney, M.D.

Breast surgeon Michael Kinney, MD, discusses

the role of the medical  oncologist in this coordinated approach to breast cancer care, including how oncologists can be involved in decisions about radiation therapy.

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Multi-Site Study at Breast Cancer Symposium Demonstrates Low TSAVI Collaborative Research Groupoxicity Rates with SAVI
New research findings on the SAVI® breast
brachytherapy applicator showed favorable results for treatment of early-stage breast cancer, according to a scientific poster at the 2012 Breast Cancer Symposium.  View poster
Examining initial and longer-term effects among a group of 904 patients at 12 centers around the U.S., researchers found low rates of toxicities – including seroma, fat necrosis and telangiectasia – among patients treated with strut-based brachytherapy.