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July/August 2010

Is Education the Key to Reducing Anxiety for Your Patients?
Eva Bariuan, MPH, RN BC, OCN

At the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, nurses Eva
, Kay Murphy and Imelda Juguilon developed a patient education program
to reduce anxiety for women undergoing breast brachytherapy using SAVI.

Research at UCSD demonstrated that anxiety levels can be significantly reduced
when a patient education strategy is employed. The nurses presented their findings at the 35th Annual Congress of the Oncology Nursing Society. View poster

Eva Bariuan
Here Eva shares her insights – as both a healthcare
professional and a breast cancer survivor – on the importance of patient
education in breast cancer treatment. Read More


SAVI Sisters: Education & Support for Your Patients

We are pleased to announce
the launch of
SAVI Sisters™, a new program that will assist you in
providing education and support for your patients, create a community of people
dedicated to spreading the word about breast cancer treatment options and give
women a place to find others who share common experiences.

Everyone is iSAVI Sistersnvited to
become a SAVI Sister – women who have been treated with SAVI®, people who have
supported a loved one through their journey with breast cancer, as well as
physicians and healthcare providers. A SAVI Sister is one who is committed to
sharing stories of what they have learned through treatment, or simply
committed to spreading the word about the choices women have when it comes to
breast cancer treatment.

Visit for more information or contact us to receive your complimentary SAVI Sisters lapel pins.


Enhanced Patient Education for SAVI 

As a SAVI user, you have access to a variety of materials – including DVDs, brochures, flip charts and sample devices with breast models – to assist you in educating your patients about APBI and treatment with the SAVI applicator.

And coming soon, you’ll have access to our enhanced patient education materials, including a brand new, comprehensive patient education booklet.

The tools and ideas in SAVI
Sisters will also enhance your patient education efforts while
helping raise awareness about 5-day radiation therapy, as well as your

WebsiteSAVI Sisters Website provides education on APBI, information about SAVI, and SAVI SisterStories. These stories feature
women sharing their own SAVI experiences, giving others the ability to learn
about what to expect and the option to contact individual SAVI Sisters through the website if they have
additional questions.
SAVI Sister Info Card

Information Cards

These are ideal
to give to patients who are considering 5-day radiation therapy or to display
in your waiting room to inform women that you offer this cutting edge
technology. The card provides an overview of the resources available in the
program and directs women to the SAVISisters.comwebsite.

Lapel Pins

You will also receive SAVI Sisters lapel
pins, which are attached to cards with the website address and a brief
description of the program. You and your staff are encouraged to wear the pins,
as well as give a pin to each woman as she begins her SAVI treatment.