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November 2010


Ideal Planning Treatment Volumes in APBI

Catheryn Yashar, MD
Though single-entry brachytherapy catheters target 1 cm of tissue surrounding the surgical tumorbed, some studies claim balloon devices can actually treat an equivalent of 1.5 cm of tissue as a result of tissue stretching, more closely approximating interstitial Catheryn Yashar, MDbrachytherapy.

Radiation oncologist Catheryn Yashar, MD of UC San Diego discusses her thoughts on such claims based on her research of ideal and published irradiation treatment volumes of various breast brachytherapy devices.
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UCSD Data Compares PTV for SAVI & Other Devices

This fall, researchers from UC San Diego presented several posters examining the planning treatment volumes for SAVI compared to other available devices. Overall, the data shows the larger SAVI devices treat equivalent volumes to Contura and MammoSite. While the smaller SAVI devices treat lower tissue volumes, these devices are generally used when tissue avoidance is most critical.

Planning Treatment Volumes Irradiated in APBI: Comparison Among Devices
Presented at the 2010 Breast Cancer Symposium in October, this study evaluated the ideal and published irradiation treatment volumes of the three most commonly used intracavitary devices: SAVI, MammoSite and Contura.
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Comparison of Target Breast Volume Treated for APBI Devices
In this study — presented at the 2010 ASTRO annual meeting — researchers evaluated the amount of target breast tissue treated with each of the four sizes of the SAVI device and compared the results to published data for other available devices.
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Irradiating Larger & Irregularly-Sharped Volumes of Breast Tissue Using the SAVI Multicatheter Brachytherapy Device
Also presented at the recent ASTRO meeting, this study investigates the suitability of using SAVI to irradiate larger margins and irregularly-shaped target volumes, approaching what is treatable with interstitial brachytherapy.
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Debates in Breast Brachytherapy:

Multi-Lumen Balloon vs. Struts

At the 2010 ABS meeting earlier this year, Dr. Catheryn Yashar went head-to-head with Dr. Laurie Cuttino of Virginia Commonwealth University over the planning treatment volumes delivered with SAVI vs. multi-lumen balloons.

In case you missed it, the recording of the debate and Dr. Yashar’s presentation are still available for purchase here.

What do you think about the volume of tissue treated with SAVI compared to other brachytherapy devices?
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