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Educating Primary Care Physicians: Grow Your Practice & Improve Patient Care
SAVI Studies Verify Favorable Cosmetic Outcomes
2012 SAVI Coding & Coverage Guide
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March 2012

Educating Primary Care Physicians:
Grow Your Practice & Improve Patient Care 

Deanna Attai, MD, FACS; Molly Sebastian, MD, FACS; and Eugene Shieh, MD 

Whether it is family practitioners, internists or ob/gyns, primary care physicians are often on the front lines of breast cancer detection for their patients. Yet due to the scope of their practices, they are not able to track innovations in breast cancer treatment as closely as their colleagues who specialize in the care and management of breast cancer patients.

As a result, many surgeons and radiation oncologists find it helpful to actively engage with primary care physicians in their communities to establish referral relationships and keep them informed about advances in breast cancer treatment. From newsletters to quarterly dinner presentations, learn how three physicians reach out and educate their primary care colleagues, and why they believe it is important – both for growing their practices and improving the quality of patient care. Read more

SAVI Studies Verify Favorable Cosmetic Outcomes

Two new studies demonstrate the cosmetic and dosimetric advantages of the SAVI® breast brachytherapy applicator for treatment of early-stage breast cancer.

The studies were presented as scientific posters at the recent ACRO and NCBC meetings and were drawn from 12 centers participating in the SAVI Collaborative Research Group. Researchers reached two primary conclusions:

1) SAVI radiation therapy provides for excellent or good cosmetic outcomes in the majority of patients.


2) The device can safely and effectively treat the broadest range of women with accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), due to the precision with which the SAVI applicator can deliver the dose.

Read more

Researchers discuss two recent studies involving the SAVI applicator.
Researchers discuss two recent studies involving the SAVI applicator.

2012 SAVI Coding & Covering Guide
Attention SAVI users! Make sure you have the latest reimbursement information for the SAVI applicator. Click here to download the 2012 SAVI Coding & Coverage Guide.  

For questions about billing and reimbursement with SAVI, contact the Pinnacle Health Group at