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Counseling Patients on Breast Cancer Treatment Options
SAVI Sisters: Patient Education & Support
Breast Brachytherapy Limits Heart Dose
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March 2013 

Counseling Patients on Breast Cancer Treatment Options

S. Eric Olyejar, MD  & Michael Berry, MD, FACSS. Eric Olyejar, MD

As patients become increasingly involved in the clinical decision-making process, the significance of information and how it is presented grows as well. For women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, advances in treatment like accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) have added to the complexity of the decision-making process, putting even greater emphasis on patient

Michael Berry, MD, FACS


Radiation oncologist S. Eric Olyejar, MD and breast surgeon Michael Berry, MD, FACS, outline their processes for counseling patients on breast cancer treatment options, including addressing misconceptions about breast conservation therapy (BCT) and how to effectively use data in patient discussions. Read more

SAVI Sisters:
Patient Education & Support  

Looking for additional tools to help educate your newly diagnosed breast cancer patients about their treatment options?

SAVI Sisters® is a great resource for women considering APBI with the SAVI applicator.

SAVI Sisters Website

SAVI Sister Stories feature women sharing their personal treatment experiences, giving your patients the opportunity to learn what to expect and connect one-on-one with individual SAVI Sisters if they have additional questions.

The websitSAVI Sister Info Carde also provides important information about 5-day radiation therapy and the SAVI applicator. Refer your patients to for more information.

As a SAVI provider, you have access to a number of tools – including brochures and lapel pins – to help promote SAVI Sisters among your patients.

Order SAVI Sisters materials


Breast Brachytherapy Limits Heart Dose

A recent publication in The New England Journal of Medicine has raised new concerns over the exposure of the heart to radiation during treatment of breast cancer. While the benefits of radiation therapy outweigh the toxicity risks in the majority of patients for whom radiation therapy is indicated, current technologies – particularly brachytherapy – offer ways to minimize heart dose.

Researchers have studied and compared the radiation exposure for current techniques, including strut-based brachytherapy. The data shows that brachytherapy delivers a targeted dose of radiation, limiting incidental exposure to healthy tissue and organs in comparison to whole breast radiation techniques.