December 2009

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Coordinated Breast Care: Myth or Reality?

Just Say “No” to New Screening Guidelines

Going Global with SAVI

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Robert Kuske, M.D.

Gail Lebovic, M.D.

Coral Quiet, M.D
Jay Reiff, Ph.D.

Dan Scanderbeg, Ph.D.

John Sweet, M.S.

Catheryn Yashar, M.D.

Vic Zannis, M.D.


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Coordinated Breast Care: Myth or Reality?

New York Times article recently declared the need for more physicians specializing in the treatment of breasts, or “mammologists.” Otherwise, the article says, women with breast cancer get lost in the mix. Do we need “mammologists”?
But Beth Dupree, MD, FACS argues that coordinated care for breast disease already exists. The responsibility lies with breast surgeons, the “primary care physicians of the breast.” Read Dr. Dupree’s response in MORE Magazine



Breast Health Experts: “Just Say ‘No’ to New Mammography Guidelines”  
On November 17th, the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued revised guidelines for screening mammography. The guidelines, which appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine, recommend against routine screening mammography for women ages 40-49 who aren’t at increased risk for breast cancer.
Since then, numerous organizations dedicated to breast health have spoken out against the guidelines.
The American Society of Breast Surgeons is strongly opposed to the recommendations, arguing that there is sufficient data to support the need for routine screening mammography for women ages 40-49. Read ASBS statement
The National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC), the largest national organization devote to the interdisciplinary care of breast disease, goes one step further, requesting that the USPSTF rescind their new position on mammography screening. Read NCBC statement



Going Global: Cianna Medical Receives International Certification
Cianna Medical has received ISO 18345:2003 certification, allowing the company to continue with the CE Mark registration process.
Says CEO Jill Anderson: “Receiving this certification is an important milestone that moves us one step closer towards…” Read more