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Closing the Knowledge Gap About Breast Cancer Treatment Options
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January 2014  

Closing the Knowledge Gap About Breast Cancer Treatment Options 
Catheryn Yashar, MD   

For a newly-diagnosed breast cancer patient, the sheer number of treatment decisions can be overwhelming. In order to make the most appropriate choices for her life, a woman must know what her options are and feel empowered to make those decisions. But are women fully aware of the options available to them?

According to a national survey by The BC5 Project, a group focused on broadening awareness of breast cancer treatment options, the answer is no. Radiation oncologist Catheryn Yashar, MD, of University of California, San Diego, discusses the survey, what the results mean for women and how physicians can work to close this knowledge gap. Read more

SAVI Sisters: Patient Education & Support

Looking for additional tools to help educate your newly diagnosed breast cancer patients about their treatment options?

SAVI Sisters® is a great resource for women considering breast brachytherapy with the SAVI applicator.SAVI Sisters Website

SAVI Sister Stories feature women sharing their personal treatment experiences, giving your patients the opportunity to learn what to expeSAVI Sister Info Cardct and connect one-on-one with individual SAVI Sisters if they have additional questions.

 As a SAVI provider, you have access to a number of tools – including brochures and lapel pins – to help promote SAVI Sisters among your patients.

Order SAVI Sisters materials

UCSD SAVI Sisters Support Group

Forming a local SAVI Sisters group can also establish a valuable support network for your patients who have had the therapy. Learn about University of California, San Diego’s experience creating a SAVI Sisters support group in this video:

Top 25 Hottest Articles from the Red Journal

Interested to see what your colleagues have been reading? In case you missed them, check out the 25 most downloaded articles from the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics from July-September 2013. View full list

Among the most-read articles was Long-term Cardiac Mortality After Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy in Breast Cancer. Researchers studied two hypofractionated treatment schedules (10 fractions of 4.3 Gy and 20 fractions of 2.5 Gy) to explore long-term mortality from ischemic heart disease after locoregional radiation therapy for breast cancer. View abstract