Novel SCOUT® technology is a leading innovation in wire-free breast localization


ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – May 8, 2017 – Cianna Medical, Inc., the world leader in wire-free breast localization, announces that the SCOUT® radar breast localization system has been selected as a finalist in the 19th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards competition.

SCOUT® is the world’s only non-radioactive, wire-free, radar breast localization system. This novel technology allows the radiologist to place a tiny, highly sophisticated reflector at the tumor site with extreme precision. This can be done up to 30 days prior to surgery versus on the same day of surgery, which is required with traditional wire localization. Instead of two procedures on the day of surgery, the patient now undergoes one, making the experience significantly less stressful.

During the procedure, the surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT guide which emits 50 million pulses per second, allowing the surgeon to “lock” in on the reflector’s precise location with ± 1mm of accuracy.   This extraordinary accuracy can help surgeons provide the best possible outcomes as less tissue may need to be removed. The SCOUT has an exceptional detection range of 1mm – 50mm1, documented migration of only <1% across multiple studies1 and is OR compatible.

The MDEA are the medtech industry’s premier design competition committed to recognizing significant achievements in medical product design and engineering that improve the quality of healthcare delivery and accessibility. The awards program celebrates the accomplishments of the medical device manufacturers and the many people behind the scenes—engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians—who are responsible for the cutting-edge products that are saving lives, improving patient healthcare and transforming medtech—one innovation at a time.
“We are honored to be recognized by the MDEA judges,” said Eduardo Chi Sing, Chief Technology Officer at Cianna Medical.  “Hospitals across the country continue to adopt radar technology as a versatile and clinically effective tool for breast tumor localization, and it is emerging as the technology of choice over wire localization.”

The 2017 MDEA Juror Panel selected 45 exceptional finalists in nine medical technology product categories. Products were judged based on design and engineering innovation, function and user-related innovation, patient benefits, business benefits and overall benefit to the healthcare system. Unlike other design competitions which are merely styling contests, the MDEA jury is comprised of a balance of practicing doctors, nurses and technicians alongside industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers and human factors experts.

The 2017 winners will be announced at the 2017 MDEA Ceremony on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 in conjunction with the MD&M East event taking place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.


About Radar Technology

The SCOUT system uses highly sophisticated radar technology. Radar is used when unprecedented precision is required. Applications using radar include ground penetrating radar, automobile safety systems, flight control systems and antimissile and air-defense systems.


About Breast Conservation Surgery

The goal in breast-conservation surgery is to remove all detectable cancer cells. Of the estimated 174,000 women who have breast conservation surgery each year, approximately 30 percent will require repeat surgery because cancer cells are not completely removed during the first procedure. Developed more than 20 years ago, the standard preoperative technique for localizing non-palpable breast lesions is wire localization. During this procedure, a wire is inserted into the breast by a radiologist to guide the surgeon to the target tissue. The most common challenges reported with current localization techniques include scheduling and workflow, surgical planning and guidance, high re-excision rates and a sub-optimal patient experience.


About Cianna Medical, Inc.

Cianna Medical is the world leader in wire-free breast localization and has been focused on breast conservation for over 10 years. Cianna Medical develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical technologies that reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the anxiety and stress breast cancer treatments place on women and their families. Cianna Medical’s world class research, development and commercialization teams developed the world’s first non-radioactive, wire-free breast localization system and the world’s only technology that utilizes radar in tissue. Cianna Medical is focused on expanding applications that continually advance patient care. Its SCOUT and SAVI® Brachy technologies are FDA-cleared and address unmet needs in the delivery of radiation therapy, tumor localization and surgical guidance.


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