October 06, 2009

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – The SAVI™ breast brachytherapy applicator was recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show, where physicians called the device a “revolutionary” breakthrough in breast cancer radiation therapy.

“This is my favorite new technology in breast cancer care,” said Dr. Kristi Funk, whose work with SAVI was featured on the show. Dr. Funk is a breast surgeon and founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

SAVI provides a shortened course of high-dose radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients following lumpectomy surgery. The treatment is completed in just five days — compared to the six weeks of treatment, five days a week, that are typically required by traditional, external-beam radiation.

The device’s unique multi-catheter design allows physicians to target radiation to the area that needs it most, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue. Precisely sculpted radiation is delivered from within the breast and targets the area where the cancer is most likely to recur.

“You can dose it differently depending on where you are, so you can target the skin and muscle less, but you can radiate the tissue more,” said Dr. Funk.

Also on the segment was SAVI patient Judy Danz, who has now been cancer-free for more than two years since she completed her therapy.

“I went through five days of treatment, twice a day. My last day of treatment was on a Friday and I was back to work on Monday,” she said. “The radiation oncologist kept saying how wonderful it was that I was getting targeted treatment. It was great.”

Clinical studies have concluded that SAVI provides greater flexibility and fewer complications, when compared to other forms of breast brachytherapy.

“The Doctors” show includes ob/gyn Lisa Masterson, M.D.; plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Andrew Ordon, M.D.; pediatrician James Sears, M.D.; and ER physician Travis Stork, M.D. Executive producers of “The Doctors” are Jay McGraw, Carla Pennington and Dr. Phil McGraw.

About Cianna Medical, Inc.

Cianna Medical, Inc. is focused on women’s health and dedicated to the innovative treatment of early-stage breast cancer. The company manufactures and markets the SAVI breast brachytherapy applicator, for the delivery of breast cancer radiation after lumpectomy surgery. The SAVI applicator allows sculpting of the radiation dose, and is designed to make the benefits of accelerated partial breast irradiation available to a greater number of women. For more information about the company, call (toll-free) 866-920-9444 or visit www.CiannaMedical.com.