Next-Generation Technology SCOUT® Radar Localization System Demonstrated at Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium   

Radar achieves predictable and consistent outcomes driving a new standard of care for breast tumor localization  


ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – September 14, 2017 – Cianna Medical, Inc., today announced that its next-generation SCOUT® radar localization system featuring real-time distance measurement will be exhibited for the first time at the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium in Chicago, IL, September 14-17, 2017.

The next-generation SCOUT technology advances the power of RADAR for breast tumor localization, making it the most precise and broadly applicable localizing system in the industry. It is clinically proven to be both consistent and predicable, and both physicians and patients will benefit from its unprecedented 60 mm range and 360˚ signal detection with +/- 1 mm accuracy. The real-time distance measurement and instant signal response will make it easier for surgeons to locate non-palpable tumors during breast surgery.

SCOUT, an FDA-cleared localization system, is the world’s only technology that utilizes radar in human tissue, and it is changing the standard of care for breast tumor localization. Previously published data established SCOUT as an accurate and reliable method to localize and excise breast lesions. SCOUT has been quickly adopted at over 150 leading medical facilities across the United States, and it has been used in more than 16,000 patient procedures to date.

Alice Police, M.D., breast surgeon, University of California, Irvine, recently completed validation of the next-generation SCOUT system that will measure and display distance in millimeters.  “SCOUT is the standard of care for all my breast lesion localizations. The distance feature provides more control over the procedure, which is important for predictable outcomes,” Dr. Police stated.

The Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium is a multidisciplinary event that brings together leading national and international medical, surgical and radiation oncologists to present, debate and evaluate cutting-edge technology and approaches in the management of breast cancer.


About SCOUT®

The FDA-cleared SCOUT system features a proprietary, highly sophisticated reflector that is precisely placed at the tumor site up to 30 days before a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy. During the procedure, the surgeon scans the breast using the SCOUT guide which emits 50 million pulses per second, allowing the surgeon to “lock” in on the reflector’s precise location with ± 1mm of accuracy. This higher level of localization precision allows better surgical planning that may improve cosmetic results, as less tissue may need to be removed. SCOUT has an exceptional detection range of 1mm – 60mm, documented migration of <2% across multiple studies, and is OR compatible.[1]

SCOUT has received significant recognition from medical societies and industry associations including, most recently, being honored as a Gold winner at the 2017 Medical Design Excellence Awards.

About Radar Technology

The SCOUT system uses highly sophisticated radar technology. Radar is used when unprecedented precision is required. Applications using radar include ground penetrating radar, automobile safety systems, flight control systems and antimissile and air-defense systems.

About Cianna Medical, Inc.

Cianna Medical is the world leader in wire-free breast localization and has been focused on breast conservation for over 10 years. Cianna Medical develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical technologies that reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the anxiety and stress breast cancer treatments place on women and their families. Cianna Medical’s world-class research, development and commercialization teams developed the world’s first non-radioactive, wire-free breast localization system and the world’s only technology that utilizes radar in tissue. Cianna Medical is focused on expanding applications that continually advance patient care. Its SCOUT and SAVI® Brachy technologies are FDA-cleared and address unmet needs in the delivery of radiation therapy, tumor localization and surgical guidance. Please visit for more information.


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[1] Cox CE, Russell S, Prowler V, et al. A Prospective, Single Arm, Multi-site, Clinical Evaluation of a Nonradioactive Surgical Guidance Technology for the Location of Nonpalpable Breast Lesions during Excision. Ann Surg Oncol. 2016;23(10):3168-74.