February 26, 2008

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Cianna Medical announced today that it has successfully completed an initial funding round totaling $9 million. The Series A funding will be used to support further commercialization of the company’s proprietary SAVI® technology for breast brachytherapy.

Participating in the funding round were initial investors in BioLucent, Inc., including Fog City Fund, Windamere Venture Partners, and several private individuals.

This is the first financing round since Cianna Medical was created as a spinout from BioLucent, Inc. Cianna was created concurrent with the sale of BioLucent’s MammoPad breast cushion business to Hologic.

“We are very encouraged by continuing support from our initial investors, as Cianna expands the market to make the benefits of breast brachytherapy available to more women,” said Jill Anderson, Cianna’s president and CEO. “Combined with the strong initial acceptance of the SAVI applicator by radiation oncologists, surgeons, and patients, this is yet another sign that SAVI is a breakthrough technology that gives physicians and patients more treatment options.”

The innovative SAVI applicator provides a shortened course of high-dose radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients following lumpectomy surgery. With this treatment, known as accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) radiation is delivered from within the breast and targets the area where the cancer is most likely to recur. This approach reduces treatment time from six or seven weeks — which is generally required with conventional whole-breast irradiation — to just five days.

The SAVI applicator allows physicians to precisely target radiation to the area that needs it most, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue. SAVI is the only APBI applicator that can contour the radiation dose to the size and shape of the cavity bed. Without the technical limitations of balloon brachytherapy, SAVI is positioned to grow the market by substantially increasing the number of women who qualify for the benefits of APBI.

About Cianna Medical, Inc.
Cianna Medical, Inc. is a medical device company focused on women’s health and dedicated to the innovative treatment of early-stage breast cancer. The company manufactures and markets the SAVI breast brachytherapy applicator, for the delivery of radiation after lumpectomy surgery. The SAVI applicator allows contouring of the radiation dose, and is designed to make the benefits of accelerated partial breast irradiation available to a greater number of women. For more information about the company, call (toll-free) 866-920-9444 or visit www.CiannaMedical.com.