How to use BEST Forum.

Whether it is a radiation oncologist, surgeon, or primary care physician the one thing they can agree upon is the ultimate focus of providing the best possible care for their patients. One way to insure this is by remaining current on the latest techniques, innovations and data. This can be an enormous challenge when faced with all of the demands associated with being in medical practice and providing patient care. Medical society conferences, journals, industry resources and colleagues are all valuable resources for this information but sifting through the volume of what is available can often be a costly use of time. The acquisition of new information, and the associated time involved are considerable challenges; are physicians making the most of the information and the time spent accruing it?

In May of 2012, Cianna Medical launched BEST Forum, a new educational resource for physicians to obtain the latest findings and research in breast brachytherapy. Both online and in person, BEST Forum brings together world-renowned thought leaders in the field of breast cancer care to discuss their extensive experiences and research in brachytherapy, treatment and clinical outcomes.

At the BEST Forum website, physicians can view presentations from brachytherapy experts, as well as download white papers, presentation slides and supporting clinical data, and register for future presentations.

While the Best Forum website is a valuable resource for current information its usefulness goes beyond that. The available white papers and slides are suitable for use in grand rounds and tumor board settings. Community physicians can now present the latest findings of international experts to their colleagues thus becoming a reliable resource to them. The available video presentation of these materials can be shown as topics for discussion at journal clubs or used as the focus of evening programs where a physician may invite their referring physicians to educate them on the latest in breast care. These are all perfect opportunities to be seen as a resource for other physicians and to build relationships with colleagues who may be otherwise hard to reach.

The BEST Forum Weekend Symposia represent an opportunity to attend live discussions on the latest in data and controversies in breast cancer care. These symposia are highly interactive giving the participants the ability to question not only the thought leaders gathered but the other physicians in attendance. These are fantastic opportunities for physicians to develop their network of resources as well as advance their knowledge. Attendance at a BEST Forum weekend program also provides radiation oncologists and their referring surgeons the opportunity to attend the event together. Now they are in the same room, hearing the same information which may be addressing the issues they face together. It provides another opportunity to further not only their knowledge of the latest in breast cancer care but it allows them to further their working relationship.

The BEST Forum offers a reliable source of the most current thought in breast cancer care from recognized thought leaders in the field. Equally as important is the opportunity to share this knowledge and develop better relationships among colleagues all of which results in the ultimate goal, the best in patient care.