Radiation Therapy with the SAVI® Applicator

SAVI-landingLess Toxicity. More Patients. Now That’s SAVI.

The innovative strut-based, open-architecture design of the SAVI® applicator combines the precise dosimetry of interstitial brachytherapy with the ease and convenience of single-entry devices. By providing targeted radiation therapy where it’s needed most while minimizing dose to healthy tissue, SAVI decreases toxicity and lowers the risk of cosmetic side effects.1 With SAVI, physicians can deliver customized radiation therapy based on patient-specific anatomy, which may increase the number of women eligible for treatment with APBI.

The SAVI® applicator ‘s unparalleled dose customization:

  • Minimizes dose to normal tissue while maximizing target coverage 2
  • Eliminates skin spacing restrictions4
  • Reduces the risk of fibrosis and symptomatic seroma 1
  • Expands the number of women eligible for APBI 1
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