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SAVI Sisters is a community of people committed to spreading the word about breast cancer treatment choices and sharing experiences to help other women. At, you can read breast cancer treatment stories from women who’ve had 5-day radiation with SAVI and contact them for information, guidance, and support. You can also request a free SAVI Sisters pin, which is a great way to show your support for breast cancer patients and help spread the word about breast cancer treatment options.

We invite everyone to become a SAVI Sister. If you’re a survivor, we encourage you to share your breast cancer treatment story, from diagnosis to life after breast cancer. Anyone can become a SAVI Sister simply by making the commitment to spread the word about the choices women have when it comes to breast cancer treatment.

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  • “SAVI is exceptional for the working professional with a busy schedule. As a business owner, I did not have time for six weeks of radiation treatments nor could I afford to have any side affects. This fit my schedule and life style because it was painless, over and done!”

    Betty G.
    Irving, TX

  • “Having seen other loved ones go through cancer, I was surprised at how easy and uncomplicated the SAVI procedure was. I was able to keep working and even kept up with my bellydancing hobby. Thanks to SAVI, cancer may slow you down a bit, but it shouldn’t stop you.”

    Kay L.
    Fort Myers, FL

  • “I chose SAVI because I thought it would be a lot easier on me. I can’t even imagine doing anything every day for six weeks. I didn’t experience any side effects and even did all my normal activities during those five days. Everything went great. I was very happy with my treatment, and I would most certainly recommend SAVI to a friend.”

    Dorothy D.
    Jackson, MS

  • “SAVI was the perfect choice for me. I was back to my regular routine within a week or two after treatment. Even the five days of treatment didn’t slow me down – I still went out to dinner and took walks with friends. I’m grateful for SAVI because it showed me that cancer doesn’t have to be a life-shattering event.”

    Mary Ann C.
    Scottsdale, AZ

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